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    Call for papers

    International Journal of
    Circumpolar Health Special
    Issue: Participatory Research
    Processes and Ethics: Addressing
    Challenges in the North

    A special issue of the International Journal of Circumpolar Health is being prepared in conjunction with the workshop and will be published in early 2012. The scope of the special issue encompasses all dimensions of community-based participatory research (CBPR) to address health disparities, with a particular focus on both challenges and solutions in the North. Further exploring these challenges and sharing innovative solutions and tools are two of the goals of this special issue.


    Original research papers, as well as expository and survey papers, are sought, both invited and contributed. Papers submitted to this special issue should inform our shared understanding of at least one of the following aspects of CBPR:


    • Defining Partnerships and Communities


    • Issue Identification


    • Data Collection and Analysis


    • Interpretation and Dissemination of Results


    • Social Action/Advocacy


    • Ethical Challenges and Lessons Learned


    The deadline for submission of manuscripts is April 30, 2011, and early submission is encouraged. All submissions will undergo a rigorous peer review, coordinated by the Scientific Editor and Editorial Office of the International Journal of Circumpolar Health.


    Submission Procedure:


    All manuscripts should be submitted to the Editorial Office of the International Journal of Circumpolar Health (ijch@oulu.fi). Prospective authors (and/or potential peer reviewers) are encouraged to contact Scientific Editor Dr. Rhonda Johnson (Rhonda.Johnson@uaa.alaska.edu)to discuss ideas and receive specific guidance regarding manuscript and review expectations. All manuscripts should adhere to the regular guidelines of the IJCH (www.ijch.fi).




    • Manuscript submission deadline: April 30, 2011

    • Peer Review Complete: August 15, 2011


    • Final manuscripts due: October 15, 2011


    • Tentative publication date: February 2012


    Contact and questions: Rhonda.Johnson@uaa.alaska.edu