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Circumpolar Community

A Circumpolar Movement













  • Danish/Greenlandic Society for Circumpolar Health

  • Finnish Society of Arctic Medicine and Biology (ATBY)

  • Icelandic Society for Arctic Medicine

  • Swedish Society for Arctic Medicine


Currently CSCH is represented on the International Union for Circumpolar Health by Dr. Alex Drossos and Nathaniel Pollock. 




In 2009, the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research based in Yellowknife took over duties associated with the functioning of the society from the National Aboriginal Health Organization in Ottawa.


In 2012, CSCH became a virtual organization governed by volunteer members on the CSCH Executive Committee located mainly in the North.  CSCH is still physically located at the same address as the Institute for Circumpolar Health. However, it has no permanent secretariat support. Rather, bookkeeping and website maintenance are provided on a contractual as needed basis. Other duties are provided by the CSCH Executive.

The Society became a charter member of the International Union for Circumpolar Health in March 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden. The International Union is an important vehicle for international collaboration in circumpolar health. Through the International Union for Circumpolar Health, CSCH is affiliated with the following circumpolar sister organizations:

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